Top 10 Must-have Moving Supplies

When you’re moving, it pays to be prepared, and that is especially true when it comes to the packing stage of moving. By gathering together the right supplies, you can make light work of moving and ensure that your experience is as stress-free as possible. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some must-have moving supplies to ensure your next move is your most efficient move yet:

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Boxes are undoubtedly the most important element of your move. Most people need way more boxes than they think they will to complete their move, so make sure you buy plenty, and also take care to choose a range of different sized boxes to accommodate everything from books to clothing.

How many boxes do you need? This guide should give you a good idea:

Household size Small (16x10x10) Medium (18x14x12) Large (20x20x15) Total number of boxes
Studio apartment 6 12 2 20
1 - bedroom apartment 8 20 4 32
2 - bedroom apartment 14 30 6 50
3 - bedroom apartment 28 54 12 92
4 - bedroom apartment 40 70 16 126

Packing tape

The more packing ape you have, the easier your life will be, oh and having a packing tape dispenser will help to increase the efficiency of packing up your boxes too, so be sure to invest in one.

Bubble wrap for moving blankets

Bubble wrap, moving blankets and cushioning roll should not be left off your list if you want to protect your property when you move. Wrap everything from electronics to glassware with a decent layer of bubble wrap, or a bubble wrap alternative, to ensure it arrives at your new home intact.


A good pair of scissors and/or a utility knife are definitely must-have moving supplies. Why? Because you will need to be able to quickly cut bubble wrap or tape or moving blankets or whatever, and having something sharp at hand to do so will make life much easier.

Stickers and labels

Labels and coloured stickers are vital if you want your move to be as organised as possible., By labelling your boxes by room and /or colour-coding them, you can ensure that your mover will be able to pack and unpack your goods in the most efficient way possible, and of course, it will make unpacking at your new home a whole lot simpler for you too.

Paper, pens and markers

Paper, pens and markers can be used to label boxes and make notes that will help you to stay organised when packing, too.

Heavy-duty trash bags

Heavy-duty trash bags are ideal for quickly packing up things like clothing and soft furnishing which do not necessarily need to be folded neatly into boxes. They can also be used to wrap around various objects to help protect them further, and of course, they can be used to deal with any trash that accumulates during the course of packing too.

Mattress bags

If you are moving your mattresses, then you will need mattress bags to pack them away safely and ensure that they are protected from dirt and rain during your move so that when you get to your new home, you can simply remove your mattress and go to bed without having to worry about the state of said bed.

Ratchet straps or rope

Ratchet straps are very useful for securing mattresses after you fold them so that they take up less space, but they are even more useful when it comes to securing heavy furniture to the back of a truck, They hold the furniture tight so that it does not move around and end up getting damages. Of course, you can use rope in exactly the same way if you would prefer.

Dolly or cart

Why do you need a dolly or cart? Because they will enable you to move multiple heavy boxes all at once, which will help you to complete your packing and moving a whole lot faster than you would be able to when doing everything by hand. You’re also far less likely to end up injuring yourself lugging heavy loads if you use a dolly or cart as part of the process instead.

In conclusion,

It’s a good idea to gather your moving supplies as soon as possible so that you do not have to scramble around in the days before your removalists are set to show up, and if you ensure that you have all of the moving supplies above, you will not have to worry about not being organised enough.

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