Urgent Moves: How To Not Lose Your Mind In Australia

There are two types of last-minute moves, those where you don’t have much time between learning you have to move and the actual move, and those where you procrastinate a little too much and find yourself staring at a totally unpacked home just a couple of days before the movers are scheduled to come. In either case, knowing how to move swiftly is essential. Here are ten pointers to aid you with a urgent moves.

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Get On Top Of Your Organisation

Create a list! Before you begin packing, get as organised as possible by listing all of the chores that must be completed throughout your relocation. Determine the order in which you will complete them and who will be the point person if you are a couple or family. Make sure to include receiving an online moving quote on your list!

Hire Your Last-Minute Movers

You should reserve a rental vehicle or hire a moving company as soon as possible. If you plan to hire a moving firm, you may need to agree to a partial price until you know what you’ll be bringing with you and what you’ll be selling/donating/leaving behind. You can, however, reserve a crew and a vehicle for the time being.

Waiting till the last minute may result in you paying more because your top choice teams are already booked, so be as proactive as possible. Choose an off-peak moving day during the week if you can be flexible to increase your choices for movers.

Sort Through Your Belongings

As you are packing your belongings, create three piles: 

  • Pack 
  • Donate
  • Trash

It’s very easy to make the mistake of packing absolutely everything. This leads to you taking things with you that you don’t really need or want. This can overcomplicate a move and also make it cost more. Grab yourself some recycling and trash bags and minimise the belongings you are moving. 

Hold A Family And Friends Giveaway

Invite folks you care about to come inside your cluttered home and take whatever you don’t want. Toaster cookers, unused chairs, even a portion of your large book collection – you name it, someone may like it! Just make sure your friends double-check everything before you cart it away. If you’re short on cash, you might also ask for donations in return for your belongings. Every little helps when moving.

Pack Big To Small

Tucking small items around larger ones is considerably easier than the other way around. Make sure your larger objects have a place among your containers, and then use your Tetris skills to cover the empty area with cushioning. Just be careful not to overload the cardboard boxes.

Clothing Should Be Packed On The Hangers

A time-saving urgent moves tip: keep clothing that is already flat folded. However, if you have a closet full of hanging goods, either acquire a wardrobe box from your movers or simply retain everything on hangers and place it in garbage bags. You will find it much easier at the other end of the move.

Use Reusable Moving Bins

Inquire whether your local moving businesses provide crate rental. This means no box construction or taping is required, plus they can withstand larger loads without breaking. They will also save you the trouble of dealing with cardboard boxes while unpacking because you will only need to return these to the moving company. The only drawback is that you will need to unpack quickly, so if you haven’t found an apartment yet, you may want to opt for cardboard.

Be Clever With Your Packing Materials

As you pack, use things you already have on hand to cushion your belongings. That hidden stash of bubble wrap or packing paper, as well as sheets, towels, bedding, and pillows, will come in. When packing kitchen items that may smell like food, avoid using newspaper because it tends to leave ink smears behind. Instead, use paper or bubble wrap.

Professional Urgent Moves

Of course, ask friends for assistance. Then, if you’re really pressed for time, delegate much of the packing and organizing to the movers. It will cost extra, but they are experts in this field and will have you out the door and unpacked in your new place faster than you could ever on your own!

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